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Why Do More People Choose to Learn SCUBA With UB Diving?

When you earn your PADI SCUBA CERTIFICATION with UBDiving you are not buying a certification, you are investing in yourself. The UB Diving team are experienced professionals committed to your training & helping you become the best diver you can be.

People pee in wet suits, (YUK!) that's why we don't own them. We dive in dry suits and so will you. All of our programs are taught in the comfort of DRY SUITS. This means that you will be warm, dry & comfortable during your training.

Our PADI OPEN WATER DIVER course is by far the best value offered by any local shop. One price includes all training materials, certification fees, use of rental equipment including dry suit, all pool dives, classroom sessions. Taxes are extra and for hygiene we do expect you provide your own mask & snorkel.