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Comox Valley Dive Trips

The Comox Valley and surrounding areas are home to some of the best cold water dive site in the world. Whether you’re taking your first breath underwater or you are a seasoned diver, there is something here for everyone.

Our chartered boat divers are a fantastic way to explore our local dive sites, without the long walk down a rocky beach first!

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Norris Rocks

Just south of Hornby Island, Norris Rocks is one of most popular charter locations. With an abundance of marine life such as Urchins, Sea Stars, Octopus & more, this dive site will be sure to have you hooked on boat diving!

Wolf Eel Alley

Running along the West side of Denman Island, Wolf Eel Alley is a wall dive filled with- you guessed it- Wolf Eels! Although they’re not technically Eels, Wolf Eels are fish that can grow up to 80 inches in length.

Pricing & Details

  • 2 per day
  • $149 per day, weights & 2x cuft aluminum tanks included
  • Additional Equipment rental available at cost
  • Maximum of 8 divers (DM for an extra charge)
  • The boat has a diver elevator, and an on-board head

Getting Here

  • Driving times:
    • Campbell river: 30 mins
    • Port Hardy: 3 hours:
    • Nanaimo: 1.5 hours
    • Victoria: 3 hours
  • Coming from the mainland, the best route is to take a ferry to Nanaimo and drive up
  • You can fly in to Comox also


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Depending on the tides and the weather, we will leave the dock around 8-10 am. After a 30-40 minute boat ride out to one of our sites, we'll get ready for our first dive.

The day will consist of 2 dives, each up to 60 minutes long, with at least 1 hour on the boat in between dives. We will be on the boat all day, returning back to Deep Bay around 3-5 in the afternoon, depending on conditions and tides.

What to Bring

  • Cold water dive gear: drysuit, hood, gloves, boots, mask, fins, snorkel, regulators, BCDs, tanks, weight harness or belt (weights are provided on the boat)
  • Dive lights
  • Save a dive kit (including spare seals if yours are interchangeable)
  • Lunch, thermos for hot drink
  • Warm undergarments
  • Rain gear, toque and gloves to stay warm on surface interval
  • Camera

Dive Conditions

  • This is cold water diving; expect water temperatures around 8-10 degrees C
  • Some dives are pretty deep or along sheer walls which drop off into the depths, proper buoyancy control and monitoring of no-deco time are important
  • Visibility can range from about 10 m - 30 m (30 - 100 ft)
  • It can be quite dark at depth, so bring a dive light
  • You should be a comfortable cold water diver to dive here.
  • Diving is unguided and unsupervised. There will be a briefing on the boat, then you and your dive buddy are free to explore however you would like!