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Service & Repairs

Regulator Service - Do you qualify for FREE PARTS?
NITROX clean is always included!

Regulator Service Price $45 per stage.

Parts are FREE if you qualify & extra if you don't.
How to qualify:
Be the original owner, get your service done regularly and suport your local dive shop!
DO NOT BUY YOUR EQUIPMENT ON-LINE. Even the best of companies will not offer free parts to on-line shoppers.
APEKS, AQUALUNG, SHERWOOD are a few of the brands we stock that offer excellent FREE PARTS programs.
Our best advice! If the reg you are considering doesn't offer this program it will cost you lots of money over the life of the regulator.

We service the best
and can fix the rest!

Over 20 years of real experience! We have seen it all.

Your regulator is what keeps you alive underwater, that's a pretty good reason to keep up with the yearly service it requires!

Sean has over 20 years experience servicing scuba gear he will make sure your gear is perfect. The UBDiving service bench is one of the best in the industry with state of the art technology and the know-how to use it.

We use only Original Equipment Manufacturers parts kits and the most comprehensive selection of specialized tools to ensure that your regulators are perfectly assembled & adjusted to perform as expected.

Drysuit suit repairs

A drysuit should keep you dry.

If yours doesn't, we can fix it!  

UBDiving since 1999 has been repairing suits for commercial divers & other dive shops across the country.

All repairs come with a 60 day warranty.

In -house, professional suit repairs keep your costs & wait times down. We stock the seals, zippers, boots, pockets and hoods for quick attachment to keep you diving.

Call or visit us for a quote. 250 338 0161

Tank Service

Cylinder Services Available - Call for a quote 250 338 0161

Annual Visual Inspections include valve ultrasonic & nitrox cleaning, new o-rings, TRIBILUBE, numbered ID sticker, eddy current testing, written report & air fill.

Hydro Testing (5 years)
Cylinder Internal cleaning
NITROX cleaning
Air fills
NITROX fills

The visual inspection is one thing no diver can avoid. We have the best visual inspection program going. All SCUBA cylinders require maintenance in order to perform safely. SCUBA facilities will also not fill your tank if it is not up to date with its servicing. Visual inspections are required annually; Hydrostatic testing is required every five years.