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SCUBA Rentals

FULL DRY SUIT dive package $109 everything you need to dive warm, dry and comfortable is included. You can always add extra or bigger tanks, dive scooters, lights, reels, rebreathers or nitrox, we just charge a little more.

When I decide what gear to use in our training/rental packs the decisions are easy, I pick the best! This gear is tough enough to dive anywhere in the world. These pieces of gear will keep you warm, dry & comfortable.

You have my word on it.

- Sean

Aqualung Fusion Dry Suit is our training suit of choice. It's unlike any other suit and like magic, provides a CUSTOM fit for everyone.

I picked this suit because they provide a custom fit to everyone.

The Fusion Sport combines patented Drycore technology with a heavy duty, abrasion resistant Lycra skin. The result is a dry suit which is unmatched in flexibility, incredibly lightweight, and compact giving a perfect "custom" fit for every user.


  • Heavy Duty Lycra skin offers extreme mobility and streamlining while protecting the inner DryCore.
  • The Sport skin attaches and removes easily from the DryCore via Velcro fasteners at the wrists, ankles and zipper.
  • All seams flat locked sewn for stretch and durability.
  • PU coated knees provide excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Our lightest weight skin; perfect for travel.
  • Deluxe suspender system with thermo formed back pad.
  • Comes with traveller drawstring bag, inflator hose and zipper wax.
  • YKK military grade brass dry zipper.
  • All our training & rental suits come with dry gloves & seal lock technology for a perfect neck fit and the ability to easily change it on-site so you never need to worry about a lost dive due to a torn seal!





ANSTI breathing machine

You should expect your training gear to be the best. Breathing under water is what it's all about. I picked the ever-popular Titan LX, it comes standard with Aqua Lung’s auto-closure device (ACD). The ease of breathing is rated superior on the ANSTI breathing machine. The Supreme cold water version we use for training is specially designed to be resistant to freezing when diving in colder waters. This is one awesome regulator and far exceeds what you will find in most other rental outfits but I wouldn't ask my family or you to use anything less.



You won't find some cheapo BCD in our training gear. You use what we use. The Apeks Black Ice is a rugged, weight-integrated, back inflation BCD designed with the advanced diver in mind. This is NOT your typical rental bcd. Its heavy duty construction provides amazing comfort, fit and stability thanks to its Wrapture Harness System. It is a favorite of our commercial dive customers. I picked it as a main staple of our training kits but we do have a bunch of other high end APEKS and Aqualung BCDs for you to pick from. Plus, they easily hold enough lead that even the most buoyant diver won't require a weight belt. - Sean